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Privacy Policy

The following are the privacy rules of this website. Please read all the terms of this statement carefully before using this website. By connecting and using this website, you indicate that you accept this statement unconditionally and you should abide by the provisions of this statement and related laws. The copyright of this website belongs to Wison Group (i.e., the owner of this website and its affiliates), and its protection includes, but is not limited to, the text, graphic images, logos, ideas and software of this website.


The information about Wison Group contained herein is for reference only. The information on this website is not legally binding.

Confidential personal datainformation

Any personal data you provide through this website will only be used by Wison Group to improve our services. Wison Group endeavors to ensure that your personal data is collected, transmitted and stored in accordance with the original authenticity of the data you provide. For the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we may share your personal data with affiliates within Wison Group and our third-party service providers who act on our behalf. Beyond this, we will not disclose or share your personal information with other people or non-affiliated companies, with the following exceptions:

(一)When the judicial or administrative department requests the disclosure of personal data on this website in accordance with legal procedures and statutory authority, we will provide relevant information in accordance with the law. For any disclosure in this case, Wison Group is exempt from liability;

(二)For the disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal data caused by force majeure events affecting the normal operation of the website, such as hacking, computer virus intrusion or seizure, or temporary control by the government, Wison Group is exempt from liability (the website will take remedial measures as soon as possible and report to the relevant authorities);

(三)Wison Group shall not be liable for any disclosure, loss, misappropriation or alteration of personal data caused by the sharing of user’s personal password and registered account, or any other personal reasons;

(四)Wison Group shall not be liable for any disclosure, loss, misappropriation or alteration of personal data of any other website linked to this website;

(五) Disclosure in the areas agreed by the user in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You may not mail or send to the website any material or information that is viral, insulting, defamatory, rumor-mongering or otherwise illegal or infringing according to Chinese law. Wison Group is not obligated to monitor and/or inspect the information you enter on this website and does not assume any responsibility or liability in connection with the information you enter. Wison Group reserves the right to check and delete the information you entered at our discretion without prior notice.

Right of interpretation

Wison Group reserves the right to interpret the contents of the above statement.

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